Belle, the Great Saanen Ewe

Belle’s been with us for over 10 years. She’s enjoying Fall by lying in the grass, spending time basking in the early morning sun, nibbling on thorny rose bushes and chomping on fallen oak acorns.

A great Saanen ewe, she’s all white furred, sporting  no horns – just a couple of cow-licks dead center on top of her head. When she was younger, she led the herd in creating crop circles out of the wild rye that covers the fenced grazing area adjacent the barn. She would never settle and graze thru a patch clean and straight – not Belle. She would skip and hop, eat a leaf here and a stalk there, leaving the grass looking like hair that’s gone thru a bad haircut from a temperamental barber.

One thing Belle savors. More than anything she loves the little beet favors I would give the herd every morning. That and apple slices or whole wheat bread. She loves those miniature carrots too. I can hear her teeth gnashing and crunching the carrots. It’s that beautiful sound of a great appetite.


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